About us

Developing integrated projects using hydrogen from electrolysis leading towards a greener economy

Our founders are Jeremy Harris, Cranston Polson, Joan McGovern, Geoff Daley and Dean Travers. Collectively we have decades of experience and expertise – working both within Australia and overseas.

We have developed projects, engaged with communities and stakeholders, engineered safe hydrogen systems and brought together the suppliers, contractors, customers and investors needed to see a project to fruition.

We are developing integrated projects that focus on the manufacture of hydrogen by electrolysis, together with its storage, delivery and end-use – projects that are deliverable, expandable and financially realistic.

The off-take uses for that hydrogen include transport, energy storage to support the expansion of renewable energy, domestic consumption as a natural gas substitute and ultimately export to global markets.


  • We want to contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet
  • We believe hydrogen is an important part of the clean energy transition
  • The best way to learn is by doing, and so we want to get on and build a tangible hydrogen project that the community can experience, and others can learn from


  • Deliver projects using hydrogen from electrolysis that are safe, efficient and both financially and environmentally sustainable
  • Develop projects that create wealth and long-term opportunities for the community and government agencies
  • Drive change in the energy industry by using our projects as a test-bed for innovation


  • Put safety at the heart of all our projects
  • Focus on realistic early stage projects that deliver on the holistic value of hydrogen
  • Be a trusted partner, working collaboratively with investors, communities and customers